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Motorola unveils Facebook mobile phone


as ‘Coming Soon’

Recently acquired Google handset manufacturer Motorola Mobility has made public details of a new Qwerty keyboard based phone, with a dedicated Facebook button – known as the Motokey social.

Motorola Razr, the world’s thinnest phone, faces delays


Only by a week, at this stage

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has released news that the Motorola Razr is delayed, where the phone that was due to go on sale on Tuesday won’t be arriving until sometime next week.

Motorola sells 100,000 Xoom tablets in three months


With 11.6 million mobile devices shipped overall

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility has released its third quarter financial results, which highlighted the net revenues of $3.3 billion and that the company has sold 100,000 of their Xoom tablets in 90 days.

Motorola Razr – hands-on walkthrough on video

One Mobile Ring has managed to capture a hands on video walkthrough of the new 7.1mm thin Motorola Razr at a press event, with its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, dual core 1.2GHz  processor and 8MP camera capable of 1080p video capture.

Motorola Razr – hands-on walkthrough of applications, in pictures

One Mobile Ring recently attended a Motorola press event, to highlight to the media their new Razr mobile phone which is due to arrive at the end of next week.

Motorola Razr – hands on images of the OS

OMR has spent some time today with the recently launched Razr from Motorola, which is currently the world’s thinnest mobile phone.

Motorola Razr – hands on pictures

One Mobile Ring has just attended a press briefing with Motorola, over their new Razr mobile phone where we are now publishing a set of images surrounding the handset and its features before any other coverage.

Motorola Razr thin mobile phone will soon be available on O2


And possibly the only network too

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has made public it will soon be carrying the recently announced svelte Motorola Razr handset, in November this year.

Motorola Razr thin Android mobile phone uses Apple’s SIM card design

And not a regularly sized variant

On-line mobile phone reseller Clove has published details of the SIM card layout to the recently launched Motorola Razr handset, which uses the iPhone’s 4 SIM set up.

Motorola Razr – in pictures and on video

Motorola has just announced their first Razr mobile phone since 2008, with a regular smartphone design over the clamshell form factor, which accompanies their other Razr handsets.