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Motorola unveils the Razr mobile phone


as the world’s thinnest handset

Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility company has launched the Android based thin Razr phone, with a 7.1mm thickness, a tough screen and robustness unseen in other devices.

Motorola Mobility announces the Atrix 2 mobile phone


Which can become a laptop, with an accessory

Recent Google acquisition Motorola Mobility has unveiled the Atrix 2 mobile phone, as the successor to the handset from the start of the year that could be added to a docking station and be turned into a laptop.

Motorola launches intriguing teaser trailer for new product


For an upcoming mobile phone

Newly acquired Google mobile phone company Motorola Mobility has released a video for a new device being launched on Tuesday 18th October, which promises to be faster, thinner, smarter and stronger.

Motorola Atrix drops in price


With a tenner tariff

One part of EverythingEverywhere, Orange, has announced a price drop for the Motorola Atrix mobile phone, to just £149.99.

Motorola gets professional

Elway_Front_1, 5/31/11, 12:54 PM,  8C, 4500x2400 (633+2822), 100%, Bent 6 Adjuste,  1/15 s, R54.8, G42.0, B71.6

Even more than before

Soon-to-be-a-part-of-Google mobile phone company Motorola Mobility has announced the large screen Qwerty keyboard based Motorola Pro+, aimed at both organising your business and personal life.

Motorola gets fired up over a new phone

Domino_Front_1, 2/15/11, 10:47 AM,  8C, 4500x2400 (700+2835), 100%, bent 6 adjuste,  1/15 s, R72.9, G57.0, B84.7

Just as Google will be too

Soon-to-be-a-part-of-Google mobile phone company Motorola Mobility has confirmed the Motorola Fire Qwerty handset will be arriving in the UK, this September.

Google buys Motorola

To form GoogOrola or MotoGle

Internet search engine giant Google has bought the mobile phone company Motorola Mobility, for $12.5 billion.

Motorola Pro cost and arrival date unveiled



On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has announced the Motorola Android touch screen with a Qwerty keyboard Pro is due to arrive mid July with them, at a cost of £420.

Motorola Gleam – unboxing in pictures

One Mobile Ring has taken delivery of the update to the best-selling thin Motorola RAZR handset – the Motorola Gleam, where we thought we would bring you these unboxing images.

Carphone Warehouse sells new Motorola RAZR handset


CPW gets a sharper phone

Popular high-street mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse is now carrying the update to the best-selling thin Motorola RAZR handset – the Motorola Gleam, for under £50.