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Converging markets: Cell Phone and Sat Nav

When devices collide

Consumers hanker after cool gadgets and the market is eager to supply them. When a product starts to look redundant, alarm bells ring and the manufacturers scramble to innovate and show us new ways to make their offerings indispensible again.

Emblaze Else user interface demo

But can it go left-handed?

Footage taken at a London trade show and I apologise for the background noise. The video gives a good first impression of the Linux-based sexy user interface that Emblaze have developed for their Else. The company dumb the thumb navigation ‘sPlaying’. Although Linux powers the phone, the overall operating platform may not be open source. It’s still developmental and will be interesting to watch it grow.

giffgaff UK launch

O2 backed MVNO

O2 launch giffgaff in a puff of viral advertising. The MVNO is using a crowd sourcing business model, where tasks traditionally done by employees are incentivised to subscribers. Customers answer each others service queries via the community forum. For example recruiting a new subscriber will net the original member £5.

iPhone at Tesco

Price war on the way?

Tesco limited

Sony Ericsson Aino problem

Another one bites the dust?

Sony Ericsson Aino

A second Sony Ericsson smartphone is causing the wrong kind of publicity in the UK, Reuters report this evening. Part of SE’s Christmas line-up, the Aino is causing users problems with its touchscreen interface.

Nokia E72 Review

Messaging big beast

Nokia E72 The sequel to Nokia’s best selling E71, the E72 begins life with a secured following. Visually similar, pimped with a bit more chrome and a sleeker finish, you have to look inside to fully appreciate it’s beefier than it’s younger brother.

Nokia 6700 slide and 7230 unveiled

Mid-range 3G sliders

Nokia 6700 slide Nokia 7230 Two candy bar sliders announced by Nokia this week. Available from Q1 next year, both support fast 3G access and have been optimised for social applications. The 6700 slide will cost about £150 and the 7230 around £95.

EU approve overhaul of telecoms law

Power to the people

European Union flagAfter months of bargaining, legislation has been approved by a broad majority of the European parliament aimed at boosting the rights of mobile phone and internet users. The new laws give citizens greater protection against access restrictions.

Sony Ericsson Satio pulled by two largest UK retailers

All I don’t want for Christmas

Sony Ericsson Satio Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U stores have suspend all sales of the Sony Ericsson Satio, in response to critically high customer returns and complains. Both chains will offer alternative phones to unhappy customers, living up to their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act. Goods must be fit for purpose and it is the seller, not the manufacturer who has to sort it out.

What the heck is a Femtocell?

And why do we need to know?

samsung-airave-sprint-femtocell A femtocell is a mini cellular base station designed for use in a home or small business environment. It’s plugged into local power and a broadband connection, piggy-backing a local wireless signal over the internet to your carrier. Suddenly 3 or 4 mobile phones can function in an area where there was previously no signal.