Sony announces two Android tablets

press release image S1_S2_01_0426_2011

Large and dual screened

Japanese electronics giant Sony has unveiled two Google ‘Honeycomb’ 3.0 mobile OS powered tablet devices, in the S1 and the S2.

The two tablets are presently only known as the code names of S1 and S2, where the first is geared up for media and entertainment and the other model is focussed more on mobile communications.

These Sony tablets arrive running Android ‘Honeycomb’ 3.0, both with WIFI and access to mobile broadband on 3G/4G connections where internet browsing, video, games and books will be possible through Sony’s services.

S1 arrives with a 9.4-inch touch screen and will deliver a veritable web surfing experience on its larger screen, with the ability to show rich media.

S2 tips up with dual 5.5-inch displays, which can be folded for easy portability whilst other tablets around today cannot. The twin screen design allows for the displays to be combined and used as a large screen, or for different functions such as playing video on one while showing the control buttons on the other.

The Sony PlayStation Suite will be able to run on the device, allowing for high quality first generation PlayStation titles to be run on the tablet and in much the same way as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Sony hasn’t made public any prices as yet for the two new tablets, although the company has noted they will both be launching in the fall of this year and globally.

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