World’s first multi-person video calling arrives on Android and the iPhone

4-way FaceTime

Popular mobile communications software company Fring has released the latest version of its software for the Google Mobile OS and on the iOS, which now delivers group video calling from a mobile device over the airwaves.

Fring has been providing mobile video over the internet since 2009, where this recent announcement delivers a world first for mobile devices and in a way that desktop software is also offering too.

Fring’s Group Video calling software was only in a limited edition beta until today, where now the newest iteration of their application arrives on products running Android and the iOS.

The app simultaneously allows for up to four fring users to video conference, over 3G, 4G or even WIFI and by harnessing the company’s DVQ technology for improved video quality for all involved.

This service is completely free, where not only are fring the first to provide this on mobiles but are the first to offer group video calling away from the shackles of the desktop computer without any fees attached.

Besides offering the four-way video calling on Android and the iPhone, the company also caters for the more basic two-way calling on those same devices – in addition to iPod Touch and Nokia handsets too.

Check out the video below for a demo of the fring system in action.

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