Monthly Review – April

The month started with One Mobile Ring reporting the Samsung Galaxy Mini has come to Three, whilst the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play arrived in shops and Three took stock of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc.

Earlier on in the week, Acer’s Honeycomb tablet hit Amazon and we published the unboxing pictures of the Nokia E7 Communicator, where Google maps got updated for Android.

Midweek, the HTC Desire S hit Three, Sony Ericsson neo became available to order and Carphone Warehouse delivered unlimited internet access to mobile phones.

Towards the end of the week, Virgin Mobile took stock of the Xperia Play, whilst multiple person video calling arrived on handsets, O2 Windows Phone 7 mobiles received the cut and paste update and we published a hands-on walkthrough in pictures of the HTC Flyer.

At the end of the week the HTC Desire S arrived on Orange and a $30,000 mobile phone went on sale.


The second week began with One Mobile Ring publishing a first impressions review of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, whilst Vodafone took stock of the HTC Desire S and a report came out that nearly £200 is personally wasted on mobile phone tariffs, each month. We also published a hands-on walkthrough in pictures of the Doro 610 and an initial thoughtsreview of the HTC.

Earlier on in the week, T-Mobile exclusively got the Desire S in silver and the HTC Flyer became available from Carphone Warehouse. The Samsung Galaxy Pro arrived on Three, where the Samsung Galaxy S II shipping date was announced, Nokia unveiled two new phones and a new OS whilst HTC announced their first dual-core handset

Midweek, Three made public the Nokia X7 is coming to their network and we brought out a hands-on walkthrough on video of the Doro 615. Three announced they are to get the HTC Sensation and we published an initial thoughts review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Later on in the week, the HTC Sensation became available to order and Sony Ericsson opened up shop on Android Market, Microsoft showed off the next version of Windows Phone and the Xperia Play was made available on Three, where the Dell Streak 7 went on sale.


The third week started off with One Mobile Ring reporting that Motorola Atrix handset has come to Orange, where the Samsung Galaxy S has been upgraded to Gingerbread and the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming to O2.

Earlier on in the week, the White iPhone is arriving with Three, O2 listed the Samsung Galaxy Ace for a tenner and O2 launched an international calling card.

Midweek, registration became available for BlackBerry Playbook tablet, where the Samsung Galaxy Tab was offered for £15 and the Motorola Xoom arrived at the Carphone Warehouse.

Towards the end of the week, Orange and T-Mobile jointly open up shop whilst the Samsung Galaxy S II is set to arrive on Wednesday next week, HTC Wildfire S tipped up at the Carphone Warehouse and the iPhone 4 showed up on pay as you go deals with Three.


The forth week began with Skyfire 4.0 launching for Android, Sony Ericsson announced the Android Walkman phone where Nokia and Microsoft signed ‘the’ deal.

Earlier on in the week, Amazon updated the Kindle for Honeycomb, whilst Sony announced two Android tablets and the Nokia E7 became available on Three.

Midweek, LG licensed ARM processors and Live video chat came to Qik, where the White version of the iPhone 4 arrived on Three.

Later on in the week, the Google Docs app for Android was unveiled, with an added document scanner and the world’s first multi-person video calling app arrived on Android and the iPhone, along with the White iPhone 4 went on sale.


The biggest story of the first week came from Sony Ericsson, where their ‘PlayStation’ Xperia Play mobile phone became available to be purchased.

The Xperia Play is the world’s first PlayStation certified smartphone, with a fast processor and dedicated slide-out game controller which will be backed by leading game publishers with a number of top titles such as Assassins Creed, Need for Speed and The Sims.

The phone arrives with a 4-inch 480×853 FWVGA capacitive touch screen, whilst being powered by a 1Ghz CPU with an embedded Adreno graphics processor that’s capable of 60 frames per second and just over five and a half hours of game play from a single charge.

SE’s Xperia Play unique gaming ability comes from the gaming controls, which vertically slides-out from the phone. These controls are a digital D pad, with two analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and the four familiar PlayStation icons that provides the gaming functionality.


The most significant news item of the second week was One Mobile Ring publishing an exclusive review of the HTC Flyer, months before the Android device actually goes on sale and before any other title too – read the full review here.


The largest biggest story of the third week came from Phones 4u, who opened up the pre-registration of the BlackBerry PlayBook – RIM’s very first tablet device.

Phones 4u along with the likes of Carphone Warehouse have all opened up registration for the PlayBook, which directly leads to being one of the first to order and actually buy the tablet.

RIM’s flagship BlackBerry product has a 7-inch LCD WSVGA capacitive touch screen, capable of multi-touch whilst running the new BlackBerry Tablet OS. It’s powered by a 1Ghz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM, along with a rear 5 megapixel camera and a front 3MP variant with a microHDMI and microUSB port, WIFI and Bluetooth support.

Missing from the device is any cellular access, where the PlayBook can only use WIFI or other means on order to obtain a data connection.

Phones 4u hasn’t made available any details of the arrival date of the RIM tablet, nor the expected retail costs of the 16, 32 and 64GB versions of the device.


The most significant piece of the forth week came when Three confirmed it is carrying the white version of the iPhone 4, from Thursday 28th April onwards – both on-line and in their own stores.

There has been much rumour and speculation of late surrounding the white model of the iPhone finally shipping, where this latest news at last confirms the existence of that very handset with Three taking stock of the phone tomorrow.

The white version of the Apple iPhone 4 has never actually shipped anywhere in the world, where it was due to arrive after the black model of Apple device came out at the end of June last year.

Three will be carrying the white version of the iPhone 4 on a 24-month contract, which starts from £25 a month. The phone is also available on their ‘One Plan’ for £35 a month and this includes 2,000 minutes, 5,000 minutes to any Three mobile phone numbers, a 5,000 text message bundle and a truly unlimited data allowance.


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