INQMobile apps come to Android


for the very first time

Popular maker of low-cost handsets INQMobile has released its Facebook integrated applications, to be downloaded from the Android Market for all Google mobile OS devices.

INQMobile’s latest spate of mobile phones, the full touch screen INQ Cloud Touch and Qwerty keyboard based Cloud Q, run on Android with an unprecedented deep Facebook integration – giving these handsets the unofficial title of ‘Facebook’ phones.

At the heart of these mobiles are applications that offer up quick and easy access directly to various aspects of Facebook and straight from the home screen, which have now been made available to everyone running Android and not just INQMobile owners.

There are four sets of applications released by INQ, the Social Widget Suite, People by INQ and the Social Sync engine to run them all, with the INQ Software Alerts for any future updates.

The Social and People Widget Suites delivers Facebook news feed, status posts, photos and video live on the home screen – with pages from your closest friends on Facebook, according to Facebook’s Social Graph API.

These INQMobile updates are all available for free and deliver all the functionality of their budget phones, only to any mobile and even much faster flagship handsets too – which INQ isn’t known for and One Mobile Ring doubt will be making, anytime soon.

Android Market – INQMobile apps

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