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Nokia World 2011 – Final Thoughts


Nokia World 2011 – What are we likely to see?


One Mobile Ring is attending Nokia’s annual symposium in London this week. This is the Finnish phone manufacturer’s launching forum for handsets and technology, for the coming six months to a year.

Windows Phone 7 – an editorial comment

So here we are: the final big hitter in the world of software has entered the ring. Now the fight really begins…

Having cake and eating it

Current whipping boy Google is coming under attack from three giants in the European communications market. Telefonica, France Telecom (Orange) and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) are complaining because Google isn’t giving them a share of the advertising revenue raised by consumers accessing Google’s products over their networks.

iPhone – don’t get a monthly deal

I’d quite like an iPhone but don’t want to be tied to a two-year contract. When looking at the TCO of most plans, you’re looking at something starting at £900 even for the most basic plans (75 minutes, 250 SMS and 1GB data).

Touchscreens are a UI nightmare


I have tried many touchscreen devices and always go back to numerical keys. Here’s why.

I can touch type on a keyed device. A touch screen has no tactile feedback making it useless for non-sighted use.

Cashback deals no longer a headache for consumers

UK regulator shows complaints stable at virtually zero

Ofcom mis-selling and cashback complaints graph

Facebook’s importance to the mobile world

Friend me

clip_image001Facebook certainly has come a long way from its 2004 origins as a yearbook for Harvard University students. Easily the most popular social networking site with more than 400 million users worldwide, it may be about to provide more features, if rumours can be believed.

Palm Pre for the ladies

Verizon continue to gender market its portfolio

Someone in the advertising team at American operator, Verizon Wireless, wants to stick to the philosophy of gender selling. Last year, the Motorola Droid launch was very much aimed at boys, with the racehorse duct-taped to a scud-missile line. But is it wise this time to aim the Palm Pre+ at Girls?

Beyond the second dimension


3D Specs The success of Avatar, the second highest grossing movie of all time has virtually every industry salivating and attempting to jump on the 3D bandwagon. 3D TVs and monitors are ultra cool but will have a price-tag to scare away all but the most fat-wallet laden innovators for a year or two yet. And we haven’t even gone through the pain of competing platforms, you know it will happen.