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LG deploying Android Gingerbread update to Optimus 3D handsets


with better 3D aspects

South Korean second largest consumer electronics company Lucky Goldstar has released details of an upgrade coming to the software running on their LG Optimus 3D mobile phones, which brings with it new features such as enhanced network speed, a better 3D experience and improved multimedia functions.

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S mobile phone now available on Vodafone


With updated features to the original arc handset

Mobile phone network Vodafone has unveiled it is now selling the updated thin Sony Ericsson arc S mobile phone, with a faster processor and new 3D camera options.

3D game converter comes to LG


For the Optimus 3D

South Korea’s second largest conglomerate LG will be demonstrating their 2D to 3D game conversion engine, at Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics show.

HTC Evo 3D arrives at Carphone Warehouse


Free on contracts

High-street mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has opened up the pre-ordering of the HTC Evo 3D handset that’s capable of viewing and capturing 3D images and video – on contracts from £36 a month.

HTC 3D phone now around to buy


with more dimensions than just two

On-line handset retailer Clove technology is now selling HTC’s first 3D mobile phone, in the Evo 3D – SIM free and unlocked for £534.

3D phone arrives on Orange

LG Optimus 3D Front

First carrier in the UK

Mobile phone network Orange is now carrying the LG Optimus 3D handset, on a £40 a month contract.

LG Optimus 3D – ‘3D video’ hands-on walkthrough


One Mobile Ring has caught up with LG at an event in London, where we have captured on video the world’s first 3D video walkthrough of a 3D mobile phone.

LG Optimus 3D – hands-on walkthrough in ‘3D’ pictures

One Mobile Ring has spent sometime with a couple of LG Optimus 3D handsets, in order to publish the world’s first hands-on walkthrough of world’s first 3D mobile phone – actually in 3D.

HTC 3D phone arrival date and price leaked



On-line retailer has unveiled the shipping day and cost of the HTC’s first 3D mobile phone, in the HTC Evo 3D – as September 5th and £499.99.

LG Optimus 3D is now on Three


3 deems a 3rd dimensional device

Mobile phone network Three has now taken stock of the world’s first 3D mobile phone, with the LG Optimus 3D and on price plans starting at £35 a month.