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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 delayed until next year


for the SIM free and unlocked version

* UPDATE 1 – Vodafone *

* UPDATE 2 – Orange *

* UPDATE 3 – Nokia *

Motorola Xoom 2 tablets now available to buy for £390 and £358, for the Xoom 2 media edition

with stock due at the end of November

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has opened up the pre-ordering to the successor of the original Motorola Xoom, in the Xoom 2 and the new smaller screen Xoom 2 media edition.

HTC Sensation XL now available for delivery SIM free and unlocked for £486


Sans a monthly price plan

On-line mobile phone seller Clove has now taken delivery of the cobranded HTC and Dr Dre Beats Sensation XL mobile phone, which is purchasable without an accompanying contract and to be used on any network.

Motorola Razr, the world’s thinnest phone, faces delays


Only by a week, at this stage

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has released news that the Motorola Razr is delayed, where the phone that was due to go on sale on Tuesday won’t be arriving until sometime next week.

Samsung Galaxy Note tablet arrival date of November 1st announced with a price drop


Of nearly £80, including VAT

On-line mobile phone reseller Clove has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet is arriving with them at the start of November, where the retailer has dropped the cost of the device from £559 to £495, minus VAT.

Motorola Razr thin Android mobile phone uses Apple’s SIM card design

And not a regularly sized variant

On-line mobile phone reseller Clove has published details of the SIM card layout to the recently launched Motorola Razr handset, which uses the iPhone’s 4 SIM set up.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus arriving second week of November with a cost of £514.80


SIM free and unlocked

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has now opened the pre-ordering of the world’s first handset to arrive running Google’s Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0, where the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be available from the week beginning the 7th of November.

Motorola Razr arrival date announced and cost, as November 1st and £454.80


And without a contract

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has now listed the recently launched Motorola Razr, with a shipping date of the start of November and a price of just over £450 – SIM free and unlocked.

HTC Sensation XE with Dr Dre Beats audio now available to buy for under £500


With built-in audio technology and free headphones

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has now taken stock of the HTC Sensation XE handset, which has Dr Dre Beats audio technology integrated and a set of their own headphones, for just £492.

HTC Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Radar and Titan handsets available to buy


Without a mobile phone contract in place

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has now taken stock of the two new HTC Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ OS driven mobiles, in the HTC Radar and Titan – with a cost attached of £342 and £498, SIM free and unlocked.