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HSPA+ MIFI device comes to Three


with 21.1Mbps downloading

Mobile phone network Three has announced an update to their mobile WIFI range, which brings in access to an HSPA+ network with home broadband speeds.

Huawei details its Vision


Mobile phone

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has aired more details of its latest Vision flagship Android handset, on its very own Facebook page.

Huawei announces their 3D mobile phone

Vision 5 (Medium)

In interface alone

Chinese OEM mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has unveiled a new flagship handset in the Vision, which arrives with a 3D user interface and in a similar ilk to LG’s Optimus 3D phone.

Orange gets Stockholm syndrome

With another own-name phone

Mobile phone network Orange has listed a new own branded handset in the Orange Stockholm, which is a budget Android handset with a 2.8-inch screen.

Huawei launches new Android tablet


World’s first twin processor 7-inch screen device

Chinese telecoms device maker Huawei has launched the MediaPad, a dual core CPU tablet that will run from the Google mobile ‘Honeycomb’ 3.2 OS.

Orange launches own Spanish branded handset


with a low cost and quirky qwerty keyboard

Mobile phone network Orange has listed their own branded Orange Barcelona handset, with a Qwerty keyboard and an expected low cost with HD voice capabilities.

Vodafone launches latest own branded Android phone


A big red mobile under another name

Mobile phone network Vodafone has unveiled the new Vodafone Smart – a budget Google OS run handset with high-end features under the Vodafone brand and for just £80.

Huawei’s new range of products tips up in Barcelona

image017 image015

Mobile World Congress 2011: The latest MIFI, phone and a tablet are on the way

Chinese telecoms device makers Huawei announced their upcoming series of mobile products for the quarter at MWC in Barcelona, with the IDEOS X3 phone, IDEOS S7 tablet, E586 MIFI and the HiLink E173 dongle.

Huawei delivers latest Android phone


Touch screen budget mobile, with no frills left out

Telecommunications and mobile device manufacturer Huawei has unveiled its next Google mobile OS handset, the IDEOS X5 – following on from the original IDEOS.

Vodafone announces new self-branded handsets

vodafone945_front OEM devices for Christmas

Mobile phone network Vodafone has unveiled their upcoming rebranded mobile phones, the Vodafone 553, 545 and 945.